Radiohead have shared details of their upcoming reissue of their albums, 2000’s Kid A and 2001’s Amnesiac.

‘Kid A Mnesia’ celebrates the 20th/21st anniversary of the two albums, and will  arrive November 5th.  Kid A Mnesia includes the original two LPs — Kid A, and Amnesiac — as well as a third disc, dubbed Kid Amnesiae, that features outtakes, alternate versions and unreleased music from the albums’ studio sessions. Radiohead shared one of Kid Amnesiae’s never-before-heard songs, “If You Say the Word.” Kid Amnesiae will also contain an unreleased studio version of “Follow Me Around,” a fan favorite that has only been performed live.

Kid A Mnesia is available to preorder now in a variety of formats. In addition to the album reissues, the band’s longtime artistic collaborator Stanley Donwood will release a pair of art books focusing on the artwork from the era: the 300-page KID A MNESIA Art Book and a black-and-white paperback Fear Stalks the Land. Both books arrives November 4th.

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